Family Fitness

Flip-Flow & Mind’N’Core

“Let’s play together, connect with each other without toys and objects,
leaving roles behind and learning from our bodies and movements about relationship, attachment, paying attention… ”


Play free, move playful!


for small and big families, whether you are:
– tired or energised
– shy or wild
– It is also a good opportunity to experience a tiny intro of the Mind’N’Core method as wel


Enjoy yourself, your movements and your time with your family!

Especially if you want to introduce your children to a new community and provide them memories from the workshop that supports them to handle a new, sometimes possibly scary situation such as:
– How to find the place/rol within a new group?
– How to join to others and create someting unique together?
– How to leave or not go into violent conflicts?
– How to stay open for confrontation and solve it together?
– How to set impulses and make more enjoyable, fair and sustainable changes?
We follow a practice that seems to be older than humankind.


Building authentic fitness, for yourself and for your interaction

We need nothing more than our bodies, floor and space.
Easy to follow guidelines and little games evoke the necessary focus and attention and here we are: present and pleasant together.
Everyone and every movement is beautiful – feeling fine, is what it’s all about.

The “Natural Play-Ground” is created by our touch, sounds, rhythm and unexpectedly emerging situations help to connect in a different way than we usually do.
Moving in improvised interaction with your kids, spouse and others will train you on many levels!
As you follow your impulses and intuition, moving careful continuous and spontaneous, your body will enjoy:
– strengthening of muscles
– stabilizing of joints
– stretching of tendons in ways which are more relevant and enriching for your everyday life movements.
This approach is highly represented in the Mind’N’Core method as well.

Finally we gain non-verbal communication and interaction “wellness” that helps to discover and transform behaviour-patterns in playful and surprising ways – sometimes spontaneously, sometimes due to continuous practise.


Comfortable clothes & your family:
(grand)children, (grand) parents, uncles / aunts, cousins


  • Reconnecting to your body and your inner child
  • Better understanding of the little ones, who have hard time expressing themselves in words
  • Tuning/shaping/improving the way you observe
  • Releasing physical and emotional tensions
  • More independent, yet stronger bond with your loved ones
  • Improve your balance, Core muscles, creativity
  • safe space to share about your experiences and learn from what others share

After a short Mind’N’Core introduction, we start to improvise, including some playful Core-exercises to improve body alignment & perception & more!
Depending on the circumstances and demands, Bea will give you “diastasis recti friendly” movement tips in different situations.
(Due to the nature of the workshop, Bea will not really have the opportunity to correct you as a physiotherapist.
Keep in mind: we come together to meet with each other and by the way give us a chance for moving better, more correct.)

language: English & Hungarian


April 14th Sunday, 11: 00-12: 30, BUDAPEST, VI.ker. Eötvös u. 50. Szuerro Tánciskola (Dance School)
in the Great Hall (Nagyterem)
til March 15th: 4000 HUF/family, until 25th of March: 5000HUF,
then 6000HUF

Further discount options by:
VEGYES csomag, vagy BARÁTNŐS-Pakk
But those workshops are only in hangurian language

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